The Best Time To Get Married in Colorado: Month by Month

The Best Time To Get Married In Colorado | Leah Black Photography

Colorado, with its enchanting scenery and varied climates, offers the promise of a dream wedding no matter the month! If you are looking to get married in Colorado, the key lies in understanding the distinctive characteristics each month brings. You can get married in Colorado year round, it just depends on what type of experiences you want! From snowy landscapes to blooming wildflowers, let’s explore the ideal times to say “I do” in Colorado, month by month!


If you are looking for a winter wonderland wedding, January might be for you! The chilly and dry atmosphere, post-holidays, lends a serene quality to resort areas, creating a cozy ambiance. While New Years and weekends may see ski traffic, indoor venues can provide warmth and intimacy, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a cozy celebration.


As winter continues, February sets the stage for a romantic backdrop to your wedding in Colorado. Picture perfect scenes of snow-covered landscapes and a quiet post-Valentine’s Day ambiance make for an intimate setting. This is a month that is filled with charm! It can be unpredictable weather means careful planning to ensure a smooth and magical celebration.


Surprisingly, March is one of Colorado’s snowiest month! Colorado in March offers couples the opportunity for a fairytale winter wedding. Chilly temperatures and the possibility of a breathtaking snowfall contribute to the magical atmosphere. If you are looking for a wedding filled with snowy wonder and beauty, March is for you!


April in Colorado is a gamble, with weather that keeps you on your toes. From sunny and beautiful days to unexpected wet snowfall, it’s a month of surprises. As temperatures rise, the melting snow presents challenges like icy trails or muddy paths. Careful planning and flexibility are key to navigating this unpredictable yet potentially stunning month for a wedding! This often is one of my least busy months as a Colorado wedding photographer.


Even though its considered mud season, May offers glimpses of spring time in Colorado! While random snowstorms may surprise you, the gradual warming leads to drying trails and a landscape bursting with life. Embrace the season of renewal with a May wedding, as nature comes alive, offering a colorful and vibrant backdrop to your celebration.


June marks the official start of Colorado wedding season, as couples embrace the transition from spring to summer. As winter recedes, the trails finally begin to open. Though some areas may retain traces of snowmelt, the month offers a unique blend of blooming wildflowers and the crisp mountain air. With longer days and clear skies, June provides an enchanting backdrop for couples seeking the perfect start to their wedding journey.


July is the beginning of Colorado’s summer, bringing warmth, open roads, and blooming wildflowers. Be cautious of Fourth of July weekends for crowds, and prepare for afternoon rainstorms in the mountains. Despite the bustling activity, the stunning scenery and warm temperatures make July an appealing time for a vibrant and picturesque wedding.


August is a month of peak wildflowers and diminishing rainstorms, perfect for your Colorado wedding day! Consider a wedding in Crested Butte, but be mindful of the wildflower festival dates. It’s a time when Colorado’s landscapes are at their most enchanting, providing a visually stunning backdrop for your celebration in Colorado. As the afternoon rainstorms begin to fade, the month becomes a perfect canvas for outdoor celebrations.


As temperatures cool, September ushers in the beginning of fall. The changing scenery and emergence of fall colors make it an ideal time to get married in Colorado. Enjoy the crisp air and vibrant palette of reds, yellows, and oranges as nature transforms into a breathtaking display for your fall wedding in Colorado! If you are lucky, you may even be able to witness the infamous Elk Rut!


Capture the beauty of fall with an October wedding! Make sure to be prepared for the possibility of early snow. The fall colors typically persist for the first week or two! Fall colors are gone by mid-October, making it super cozy. It can also be potentially chilly month for an autumn celebration. So if you are planning an October wedding and are expecting to see changing leaves, make sure you plan it early!


As fall transitions into winter, November witnesses dropping temperatures and the arrival of snow. With fewer crowds, it’s an ideal time for an intimate celebration, although couples should be prepared to contend with colder weather and the onset of winter conditions! Make sure you do your research and have a back up in case any weather conditions change your plans.


Embrace the winter wonderland that December brings to Colorado. Snow covers the gorgeous Colorado landscapes, and lakes begin to freeze, creating a magical setting for a festive celebration. If you dream of a white wedding, December is the perfect time to make that dream a reality, surrounded by the enchanting beauty of a Colorado winter.

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Colorado’s diverse climate and stunning landscapes make it a year-round destination for couples seeking a unique wedding experience. Whether you envision a snowy affair or a vibrant summer celebration, each month offers its own charm and challenges. Consider your preferences, plan accordingly, and let get you married in Colorado! If you are looking for someone to capture your dream wedding day, count me in! Head over to my contact page so we can get in touch.


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