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2024 Wedding Trend Predictions To Include in Your Wedding

2024 Wedding Trend Predictions To Include in Your Wedding

Look, the beauty of your celebration lies in creating an aesthetic that is unapologetically “you”. However, it’s also kind of fun to predict what new wedding trends we’ll be seeing in the year ahead. So, if you want to join in on this fun little blog, I would love to hear your predictions on what trends we will be seeing in 2024 into 2025!

Nail Wedding Trend

First on the list is nails! In 2024, my guess is that we will see a shift away from pinks, with a lean into other soft pastels such as creamy whites, french blues, lilac or unique designs that emulate the wedding theme. Think wildflowers pressed into nails or intricate patterns that mirror the bridal bouquet.

Bouquet Wedding Trend

Say good bye to whites, creams, and greens and hello to vibrant pops of color. In 2024, bouquets have been trending towards unique colors and wildflower inspired design. These pops of color really allows for a fun color story to unfold. It’s a refreshing shift from the clean and modern style bouquets we were seeing last year which were often whites and neutrals with greenery. I would love to hear, what unique floral pattern are you looking forward to seeing in the year ahead?

Color Palette Wedding Trend

Pastels and rich vibrant colors are on the rise! After a season of timeless neutrals 2024 brides have been looking to stand out with color. I predict colors palates that feel elevated, luxe, and unique. So far I have seen french blues as well as richer tones such as purples, oranges, and yellows.

2024 Wedding Trends You Should Include in Your Wedding

Dress Wedding Trend

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about wedding dress trends! In 2024, I’m predicting a continued movement towards elegance with subtle fashion forward details. Think intricate beading and bows. Additionally, we’ll see more reception dresses that are fun and comfortable for dancing! As a photographer, I love when two dresses are involved in the day. It really allows you to showcase your own unique style while being comfortable and having fun at your own party.

Accessories & Design Elements Wedding Trend

Embroidery is definitely on the rise! I have seen personalized elements incorporated into shoes as well as veils. I am all for adding customized elements in the details and cannot wait to see where creativity takes this trend!

2024 Wedding Trends You Should Include in Your Wedding

Luxe garden party is also a trend I anticipate seeing. The use of rattan, spring greens, and florals just go together seamlessly. To complement this theme, I predict the use of accessories such as parasols, paper umbrellas, and baskets to be featured prominently in publications throughout the next year.

2024 Wedding Trends You Should Include in Your Wedding

Leah Black | Colorado Wedding Photographer

And there you have it! These are my predictions for the top wedding predictions for 2024! But let’s not forget, the most important aspect of any wedding is that you feel beautiful and comfortable during your celebration. So, choose the elements that resonate with you the most and find ways to make them your own! If you are ready for me to capture your Colorado wedding, don’t hesitate to reach out! I would love to be a part of your day and see what trend you incorporate in your wedding. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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